Oléron is the largest island on the French Atlantic coast, where life is good all year round for surfers, windsurfers and lovers of the sea alike.

      The warmth of the islands life, its temperate climate, the diversity and quality of local products such as Oysters of "Marennes Oléron" and "Pineau des Charentes" re-enforce the unique character of this island.

      Created in 1988, Diabolo Fun - Surf / Windsurf School's base faces the ocean and offers a wide range of conditions suitable for all kinds of water sport (for those just starting out to those already at an advanced level). We are able to offer this wide range because of the subtle interaction of the tides and Diabolo Fun - Surf / Windsurf School takes full advantage of the natural environment. The reefs situated off-shore from the magnificent sandy bay form a natural lagoon at low tide. At high tide the scenery is transformed and becomes suitable for surfers, especially when the Atlantic swell kicks in.

      This description of our "base camp" should not let you forget that there are many other spots on the "north shore" of Oléron which Diabolo Fun - Surf / Windsurf School takes advantage of. But for these we prefer that you discover them for yourselves surf ! See you soon on Oléron ...

                                                                                          Didier Lafitte